Important information for Urth Energy customers

On 2 February 2017 Urth Energy ceased participating in the electricity retail market.

If you were a customer of Urth Energy, the Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) retailer of last resort (RoLR) scheme transferred you to a new retailer so that your electricity supply continued uninterrupted.

Commonly asked RoLR questions

Which energy retailer has stopped selling electricity?

The retailer who has stopped selling electricity is Urth Energy.

It serviced residential and small business customers in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

I was a customer of Urth Energy – what next?

You don’t have to do anything. Residential and small business customers of Urth Energy were transferred to other retailers on 2 February 2017. The following retailers have taken on these customers of Urth Energy in the following areas:

      • Queensland
        • Energex distribution area – Origin
      • New South Wales
        • Essential Energy and Endeavour Energy distribution areas – Origin Energy
        • Ausgrid distribution area – EnergyAustralia
      • South Australia – AGL

Your new retailer will contact you within the next few weeks with details about pricing and other terms and conditions of your electricity contract.

Is my contract with my new retailer the same as with Urth Energy?

No. When you were transferred to your new retailer, you were placed on its standing offer contract. Standing offer contracts are basic energy contracts with terms and conditions that are required under law and designed to protect your rights. For more information on standing offer contracts, refer to our Types of energy offer page.

If you were not on Urth Energy’s standing offer contract, it is likely that your contract with your new retailer will not be the same. Your previous contract may have had discounts, different payment options or a benefit period, which a standing offer contract will not have.

Your new retailer will contact you with the details of your new contract. You can also find out more about your new retailer’s standing offer contracts at the retailer’s website:

Do I have to stay with my new retailer?

You don’t have to stay with your new retailer – you can switch to another retailer of your choice at any time. Search for electricity offers available to you using Energy Made Easy.

When and how did Urth Energy stop selling electricity?

A RoLR event occurs when a retailer is no longer able to sell electricity to you, and there is a risk to continued supply of energy for their customers.

    • A retailer can be suspended from the wholesale electricity or gas market by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), which means that it can no longer buy electricity or gas to sell to you
    • The AER can revoke a retailer’s authorisation, which means it is no longer authorised to sell energy to you
    • A retailer can become insolvent and/or is wound up.

The RoLR event on 2 February 2017 was triggered by Urth Energy being suspended from the wholesale electricity market by AEMO.

Who does this affect?

Only the customers of Urth Energy will be affected. Customers of other energy retailers will not be affected.

Will my electricity be cut off?

No customer loses supply when an energy retailer stops selling electricity or gas. As the customer, you are not required to do anything or contact anyone in order to ensure your supply is not cut off. Your new retailer will be in contact within the next month.

Where can I find out more?

The AER has published the following resources to provide more information about this event. Alternatively, you may call 1300 055 390.

Urth Energy RoLR information on the AER website

Urth Energy RoLR event - AER media release

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