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Below is a simplified example of a typical electricity bill. It may be useful to have your own electricity bill handy to compare.

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How to read your electricity bill - text only version

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Front of bill


Jo Citizen
123 Brown Street
Brownsville ACT 1234

Account summary:

Opening balance $247.50

Payments received – Thank you $247.50

Balance carried forward 0.00

New charges

Usage and supply charges (see over for details) $332.49

Includes discounts and rebates (see over for details) $53.97

GST included in new charges $30.22

Total amount due $332.49


Payment Slip

Customer number: 999999

Due date: 24 Aug 12

Amount due:$332.49

Amount due if paid by
24 Aug 12 $315.86


Post billpay barcode


Tax invoice: 100000001234 issued:  2 August 12

 Enquiries & moving home 13 xx xx
(8am – 6pm Local time Mon – Fri)

 Emergencies & Leaking Gas (24 hrs) 13 xx xx
Aussie Gas Supplies

Credit card payments 1300 xxx xxx
(Processing fee may apply, see over for details)

Account No: 123456789123
Amount due: $332.49
Due Date: 24 Aug 12

Overdue Amount: 0.00
Due Date:  

Your current energy plan is:
FlexiChoice – Two rate (peak/off-peak)

Benefits applied to this account:
xxx Govt Energy Concession

Your average daily usage &
greenhouse gas emission graph

Graph showing household electricity usage over a period of time

Average cost per day: $x.xx
Average daily usage: xxx.xx kWh
Same time last year: xxx.xx kWh

Compare your average daily usage above with other households in your area using the table below.

  Household size 1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People
Summer 13.9 kWh 17.4 kWh 20.9 kWh 24.4 kWh
Autumn 10.7 kWh 14.3 kWh 17.9 kWh 21.5 kWh
Winter 20.5 kWh 25.0 kWh 29.5 kWh 34.0 kWh
Spring 17.4 kWh 22.2 kWh 27.1 kWh 31.9 kWh

To find out more about how the average household energy usage is calculated, get some energy efficiency tips and compare retail energy prices, visit

Total greenhouse gas emissions (tonnes)
Generated for this account: x.xxxxxT
Same time last year x.xxxxxT
Greenhouse gas emissions saved
with a green product for this account: N/A
For more information on greenhouse gas emissions visit or call us on 13 xx xx.


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