If there is a problem with your bill, or you want to complain about a retailer, there are some simple steps you can follow to help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Problems with a retailer might include:

  • you think you were overcharged
  • your energy was wrongly cut off
  • the retailer did not help you when it was hard to pay your bill
  • salespeople keep calling or visiting you after you told them to stop
  • salespeople were too pushy
  • no one told you that you had 10 business days to change your mind about a new energy plan that you agreed to.

If the complaint relates to a problem with your meter, an outage or other supply problem, you need to contact your energy distributor, not your retailer. For more information, see our Faults and emergencies page.

Contact the retailer

First, phone or write to your energy retailer. Tell them:

  • what the problem is
  • how you want it fixed.

This might be all you have to do to fix the problem.

If this does not work, phone the retailer and ask to speak with a senior officer or manager. Then write down:

  • their name
  • when you phoned
  • what you talked about.

If they give you a reference number, write that number down as well.

You can also put your complaint in writing, either by email or mail, so that the retailer has a detailed record of your complaint that you can both refer to later.

Contact your energy ombudsman

If you are still unhappy, contact your local energy ombudsman.

The energy ombudsman helps to fix problems between customers and energy retailers. You do not have to pay to use the energy ombudsman.

Their contact details are set out below.

Energy ombudsman contact details

Australian Capital Territory
ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal
02 6207 1740
New South Wales
Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW
1800 246 545
Northern Territory
Ombudsman NT
1800 806 380
Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland
1800 662 837
South Australia
Energy and Water Ombudsman SA
1800 665 565
Energy Ombudsman Tasmania
1800 001 170
Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria
1800 500 509
Western Australia
Energy and Water Ombudsman Western Australia
1800 754 004