For faults or emergencies, call your energy distributor.

There are different distributors for each state and territory.

Your distributor's number is also on your bill, usually under the 'Faults and emergencies' section – see our sample electricity and gas bills for help finding this.

If you are still not sure who your distributor is, contact your energy retailer or see our Who is my energy distributor? FAQ page.

What does a distributor do?

Energy distributors are different to energy retailers.

Energy distributors own the power lines, poles and gas pipes that bring electricity and gas to your house.

Natural gas distributors also own and read your natural gas meters – this differs from electricity meters, which are usually owned and read by electricity retailers.

Call your energy distributor if you want to complain about:

  • power lines and gas pipes in your street
  • black outs
  • bad supply – for example, when all your lights keep getting dim
  • your natural gas meter or your meter readings.