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Australian government - energy made easy: the power to compare

Helping you navigate Energy Made Easy (short version)

If you need help navigating Energy Made Easy, check out our video that explains the key features.

Find the right energy plan for you (short version)

Embedded YouTube video titled 'Energy Made Easy: Find the right energy plan for you' (44 seconds). Audio language is English. Closed captions are available in English. Subtitles are available in Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.


[video: Person sitting on couch inside a home. There is a laptop computer on a coffee table directly in front of them. The laptop lid is open with the screen facing the person. Person is holding energy bills in their left and right hands and is looking at them with a concerned/shocked facial expression. Computer generated graphics circle around their head containing a light bulb, a lightning bolt and a dollar symbol and the phrases 'FINAL NOTICE', 'BILL' and 'Amount Due Now'.]

Person: Shocked by big energy bills?

[video: Energy Made Easy website homepage is shown. Video is zoomed in to focus on Energy Made Easy logo and Australian Government crest.]

Person: Energy Made Easy is a free online tool from the Australian Energy Regulator that shows the gas and electricity plans available in your area, from all providers.

[video: A mouse pointer is visible on the website homepage and demonstrates navigating the plan search form and simulating a search for electricity plans in Redfern, New South Wales.]

Person: To search for plans, you can ask us to collect your meter data, you can upload a bill, enter details from a paper bill or just answer some simple questions.

[video: A mouse pointer is visible on the plan search form and demonstrates the search options available. A series of selections is made to complete the search. The search results page is shown and the screen is scrolled to reveal individual energy plans retrieved by the search.]

[video: Person is on screen and speaking to the camera.]

Person: So visit

You could be just a few clicks away from a better deal.

[video: Energy Made Easy logo with tagline 'The power to compare' and Australian Energy Regulator logo.]

[video: Visit for more information.]

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at 12:41 PM