Gas and standard electricity meters

Energy distributors are different to energy retailers. Energy distributors are the companies that look after your gas and electricity meters.

Energy distributor staff come to your place to read the meters. They must do this at least once a year.

It is your responsibility to make sure that it is safe and easy to get to your meter.

If staff can’t get to your meters – for example, they are behind a locked fence or your dog won’t let them near the meters – you need to contact your retailer and let them know when it is safe and easy to get to your meters.

Smart meters

Smart meters are a special type of electricity meter. They are new and are sometimes called interval meters.

They are different to other meters because they:

  • record how much electricity a house or business is using at regular intervals during a day
  • send the readings directly to your energy distributor electronically.

This means no one has to come to your premises to:

  • read your electricity meter
  • work out how much electricity you used when you change retailers or move house.

Smart meters can let you know a lot about:

  • how much electricity you use
  • when you use electricity.

Your energy retailer or distributor may also provide a website where you can register for an online account that will allow you to check your electricity usage and download your data at any time.