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What's on your energy bill?

Did you know: The Australian Energy Regulator has produced a Better Bills Guideline that sets out how energy companies must prepare and issue bills to small customers. For more information visit the Better Bills Guideline on the AER website.

Your energy bill is how your energy company tells you about your energy service.

Your bill shows:

  • how much you have to pay
  • the start and end date of the bill
  • how much energy you used
  • how much your energy costs
  • if your bill includes any extra fees (these might be disconnection fees, late payment fees, special meter reading fees or exit fees).

It also shows:

  • whether you are using more or less energy than in the past
  • whether the bill is based on an estimation of your energy usage
  • how to contact your energy company, including for financial assistance
  • the details of your current plan, including when any discounts expire
  • the number to call for any faults or emergencies.

If you are on a time-of-use electricity tariff, your bill will also show you when different charges apply (for example, peak or off-peak charges).

Every three months, energy companies must also tell you if a better offer is available under the heading ‘‘Could you save money on another plan?".

This will help you to identify if there is another plan you could switch to with your current energy company, and save money.

It's possible that the better offer might have a similar name to your current plan. If you see a message that you could be on a better plan with your retailer, it's worth asking them to switch, even if the plan names look similar.

If there isn't a better plan you could switch to with your current energy company, your bill will tell you how to compare plans from other energy companies on Energy Made Easy.

If you need help finding information or understanding your bill, contact your energy company.

You can also take a look at an example bill on the Australian Energy Regulator’s website or visit the Better Bills Guideline Fact Sheet for more information.

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Last updated on Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 4:33 PM