The right offer can save you money

Price isn’t the only thing to think about when shopping around for energy offers, but it is an important one.

There can be big differences between the cheapest and most expensive energy offers in your area.

Here are a few examples from the Energy Made Easy site—what could a family of four save each year by switching from the most expensive to the cheapest electricity offer?

  • Woodville (South Australia)—around $500
  • Tamworth (New South Wales)—around $700
  • Braddon (Australian Capital Territory)—around $360

Remember—these are just estimates. The amount you save also depends on how much energy you actually use and when.

Could you be doing more to pay less on your energy bills?

Finding an offer that suits your needs

By showing you an estimated bill for every different energy offer, the Energy Made Easy site can help you quickly work out if you could be paying less for energy.

You can also compare three offers at the same time.

To start, visit our Search for energy offers page.

If you’d like some tips about how to use this website and find a better offer for you, visit our How to search for offers on Energy Made Easy page.

Last updated on Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 10:08