Tenants who buy energy from a landlord

You might buy energy from a building owner or landlord (called exempt sellers) if you live in:

  • an apartment complex
  • a retirement village
  • a caravan park.

Your rights

If this is you, you have certain rights.

For example, exempt sellers must:

  • supply you with power 
  • tell you your rights and responsibilities
  • tell you when you 
    • will get your bills
    • must pay them by
  • have a way you can make a complaint
  • not unfairly cut your power off
  • not charge you more than the 'standard retail plan'—this is sometimes called a ‘standing offer’.

Can I choose my own retailer?

If you are a customer of an exempt seller, you might be able to choose your own retailer.

To find out:

  • contact a retailer that has a plan you like
  • ask what you need to do to sign up with them.
Last updated on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 16:26