Buying energy in a commercial building - customers of exempt sellers

Many businesses in shopping centres and industrial parks buy their energy from the owner or landlord of the property on which their business operates. These sellers are known as exempt sellers.

If you buy energy from an exempt seller, you have certain rights.

For example, exempt sellers must:

  • supply you with power 
  • tell you your rights and responsibilities
  • tell you when you: 
    • will get your bills
    • must pay them by
  • have a way you can make a complaint
  • not unfairly cut your power off
  • not charge you more than the 'standard retail plan'—this is sometimes called a ‘standing offer'.

Can I choose my own retailer for my business?

If you are a customer of an exempt seller, you might be able to choose your own retailer.

To find out:

  • contact a retailer that has a plan you like
  • ask what you need to do to sign up with them.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 16:26