Received a high bill?

An expensive energy bill can be a shock. Here are some things to check.

  • Is the bill an estimate of your meter reading or an actual meter reading? 
  • Do you still owe money on your last bill? This money might be added into this bill.
  • Have the prices gone up? You can check previous bills to see if the price has changed.
  • Did you use more energy than usual? You can check previous bills to see if your energy usage has changed.

You might have used more energy because:

  • there were more people at home than usual—for example, visitors
  • you had the heating or air-conditioner on more than usual, or
  • you had more electronic equipment running, like a computer or air conditioner.

Contact your energy retailer if you can’t:

  • work out why you have used more energy, or
  • pay the bill—your retailer may be able to help, for example, through their hardship program.


You can also contact the energy ombudsman if you:

  • don’t agree with the bill, and 
  • can’t solve it with your retailer.

Their contact details are on our Useful contacts page.

Last updated on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - 16:31