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ActewAGL - Residential Electricity Plan

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ACT Home Saver 12% offer
Ongoing contract with Ongoing benefit period Single rate tariff
Plan ID: ACT513366MR
Call 13 14 93
Estimated price
Estimated prices are based on typical usage in your area. Prices are not personal estimates and your household’s usage may vary. Prices exclude solar payments, concessions and bonuses.
Plan features
  • No monthly billing option
  • 10 day cooling off period
  • No credit card fees
  • No exit fees
  • No fees for paper bills
  • No move in fee
  • Plan prices are not fixed
Fees and charges
One off fees
  • Account establishment fee
    Establishment of new account
Other fees
  • Payment processing fee
    This fee is GST inclusive and may apply to payment made by credit or debit card.
  • Late payment fee
    GST is not applicable to this fee.
  • Direct debit dishonour fee
    GST is not applicable to this fee.
Discounts only apply during the benefit period
  • Guaranteed discount on total usage
    Save 12% off your electricity usage only
Plan eligibility
This plan is only available if:
  • OC
    No restrictions
Price summary
General charges

Daily supply charge: 131.23 cents/day

General usage rates: 23.71 to 25.12 cents/kWh

Solar feed-in

8 cents/kWh exported

Green power

10 to 100% options available

General usage charges
Usage rates (at all times)
First 60 kWh
23.71 cents/kWh
25.12 cents/kWh
0 500 1000+
per day of usage
Solar feed-in
ActewAGL ACT Small-Generator Buyback scheme 8 cents/kWh exported
Usage Charge
10% $0.01 per unit of usage Percentage-based option.
25% $0.02 per unit of usage Percentage-based option.
100% $0.08 per unit of usage Percentage-based option.
Contract details
Effective from

1 Jul 2018

Cooling off period

10 business days

Contract Length

Ongoing contract with Ongoing benefit period

Contract expiry

Your market contract has no contract term. However, at the end of your 1 year benefit period, you will be placed on a new energy plan. We will notify you if there are any differences between these plans..


ActewAGL Electricity

Meter restrictions

Available for homes with a Basic meter

Billing and price details
Billing period

Every 3 months

Payment options
  • Paper bill
  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • BPay

In accordance with the Market Retail Contract, a price variation notice will be given as soon as practicable, no later than the next bill. Any variation to the prices operates from the date specified in the notice.

All prices listed are inclusive of GST except where indicated.

Enter your details from a recent bill to receive a price estimate for this plan.

Terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions will be provided: 1) in the welcome letter that you will receive, after we have identified and accepted your electricity service; or 2) otherwise on request by ringing 13 14 93.

Additional fee information

For information on additional fees, please see the 'ACT Electricity Schedule of Charges' on the website


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