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Origin Energy - Residential Electricity Plan

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Standing Offer
No contract term Single rate tariff
Plan ID: ORI663075SR
Call 13 24 61
Estimated price
Estimated prices are based on typical usage in your area. Prices are not personal estimates and your household’s usage may vary. Prices exclude solar payments, concessions and bonuses.
Plan features
  • Monthly billing option
  • No credit card fees
  • No exit fees
  • No fees for paper bills
  • Move in fees apply
  • Plan prices are not fixed
Fees and charges
Other fees
  • Connection fee
    A $78.92 (GST Incl) fee may apply when your property is reconnected (including when you move). Fee may vary.
  • Connection fee
    A $78.92 (GST Incl) fee may apply when your property is disconnected (including when you move). Fee may vary.
  • Late payment fee
    A fee of $12.00 (GST exempt) may apply if your bill is not paid by the due date.
All rates are GST inclusive
Price summary
General charges

Daily supply charge: 118.80 cents/day

General usage rates: 20.96 to 22.69 cents/kWh

Solar feed-in

8 cents/kWh exported

Green power

25 to 100% options available

General usage charges
Usage rates (at all times)
First 60 kWh
20.96 cents/kWh
22.69 cents/kWh
0 500 1000+
per day of usage
Solar feed-in
Retailer payment of 8 cents per kWh exported for systems < or = 30kW capacity. All amounts are GST-inclusive (if any). 8 cents/kWh exported
Usage Charge
25% $2.00 weekly For $2 per week 25% of your electricity usage is matched with electricity from Government accredited GreenPower sources
50% $0.03 per unit of usage For 2.81 cents/kWh 50% of your electricity usage is matched with electricity from Government accredited GreenPower sources
100% $0.06 weekly For 5.61 cents/kWh 100% of your electricity usage will be matched with electricity from Government accredited wind GreenPower
Contract details
Effective from

21 Sep 2018

Contract Length

No contract

Contract expiry

No contract term.


Evoenergy Electricity

Meter restrictions

Available for homes with a Smart meter, Smart meter (no communications) or Basic meter

Billing and price details
Billing period

Flexible billing options. Monthly billing available

Payment options
  • BPay
  • Credit card
  • Direct debit
  • Paper bill

We may vary the Charges (including their amount, nature and structure) by notice to you at any time. The notice may take the form of a message on your bill and will specify the effective date of the variation.

All prices listed are inclusive of GST except where indicated.

Enter your details from a recent bill to receive a price estimate for this plan.

Terms and conditions

Discounts do not apply to other charges such as the GreenPower, Green Gas or supply charges. Discounts are off our published Origin Supply charges which can be found at Visit to find out more. If you are registered for GST and receive solar feed-in credits, then our solar feed-in tariff rate shown above also contains a GST component.

Additional fee information

You must pay us any charges your distributor imposes on us in relation to services performed by your distributor (or anyone else) at your supply address. For details on additional charges that may apply see


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