Powershop - Residential Electricity Plan

Plan ID: PSH928352SR
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Standing Offer
No contract term Single rate tariff
Estimated price
1 person
8.3 kWh/day
$ 1,570 with discounts
$1,570 per year
2 to 3 people
13 kWh/day
$ 2,220 with discounts
$2,220 per year
4 to 5+ people
16.9 kWh/day
$ 2,750 with discounts
$2,750 per year

All prices listed are inclusive of GST except where indicated.

Plan features
  • Monthly billing option
  • No credit card fees
  • No exit fees
  • No fees for paper bills
  • No move in fee
  • Plan prices are not fixed
Fees and charges
  • Disconnection fee

All rates are GST inclusive

General charges
Daily supply charge 119.12 cents/day
General usage rates 37.60 cents/kWh
Contract details
Effective from 1 Jul 2019
Contract expiry This Powershop offer has no lock in contracts or exit fees.
Distributor SA Power Networks
Estimated prices are based on typical usage in your postcode. Prices are not personal estimates and your household’s usage may vary. Prices exclude solar payments, concessions and bonuses.
Fees and charges
  • Disconnection fee
    A disconnection fee may apply
Billing and pricing details
Billing period Every month
Payment options Direct debit, Credit card, BPay
Prices are not fixed We may update your tariff from time to time to reflect market changes and economic conditions, no more than once every six months. We will always notify you of any tariff change.
General usage charges
Usage rates (at all times)
Usage at all times
37.60 cents/kWh
Terms and conditions

Further information in relation to this offer, see our terms and conditions at: powershop.com.au/prices

Additional fee information

Information is set out on our fees page: powershop.com.au/fees.