Powershop - Small Business Electricity Plan

Plan ID: PSH929789MS
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Shopper Market Offer
No contract term Single rate tariff
Estimated price

We are unable to provide an estimate for this plan.

Please contact Powershop on 1800 462 668 for pricing details.

Plan features
  • Monthly billing option
  • 10 day cooling off period
  • No credit card fees
  • No exit fees
  • No fees for paper bills
  • No move in fee
  • Plan prices are not fixed
Fees and charges
  • Mega Pack
    Access up to a 15% discount if you buy specials (avg. of 17% off the reference rate) – see powershop.com.au/help for more info.

All rates are GST inclusive

General charges
Daily supply charge 151.58 cents/day
General usage rates 26.65 cents/kWh
Solar feed-in 9.5 cents/kWh exported
Green power 100% option available
Contract details
Effective from 1 Jul 2019
Cooling off period 10 business days
Contract expiry This Powershop offer has no exit fees or lock-in contracts
Distributor Energex
Estimated prices are based on typical usage in your postcode. Prices are not personal estimates and your household’s usage may vary. Prices exclude solar payments, concessions and bonuses.
Fees and charges
Billing and pricing details
Billing period Every month
Payment options Direct debit, Credit card, BPay
Prices are not fixed If we vary our prices we'll always give notice - usually by email and no later than 5 business days before the variation to takes place, or 10 business days if the variation is an increase.
General usage charges
Usage rates (at all times)
Usage at all times
26.65 cents/kWh
Solar feed-in
Voluntary FIT 9.5 cents/kWh exported
Government feed-in tariffs available for eligible customers. Contact retailer for details
Usage Charge
100% $0.06 per unit of usage 100% GreenPower for 5.5c/kWh inc. GST (no discounts apply to GreenPower charges). You can purchase as much, or as little, 100% GreenPower as you like.
Terms and conditions

Further information in relation to this offer, see our terms and conditions at: powershop.com.au/prices

Additional fee information

Information is set out on our fees page: powershop.com.au/fees.