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Understand, compare and control your energy service

An overview of what you need to know about your energy service. Understand your rights, use Energy Made Easy to compare energy offers and know what to do if you have a problem or difficulty paying your bill.

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Fix a problem or complain about your energy service - Easy English only

Find out how to fix a problem with your energy service or make a complaint.

This fact sheet is in Easy English.

Do you have trouble paying your energy bills? - Easy English only

Ring your energy retailer if you are having trouble paying your energy bill. You could get help, like a payment plan or a hardship program.   

This fact sheet is in Easy English.

Energy and your business - English only

This brochure is for small businesses in the ACT, NSW, QLD, SA and Tasmania. It provides information on which businesses are considered "small customers" under national energy laws, outlines the rights of small energy customers and discusses the benefits of switching.

Managing energy services at home - English only

Well-informed customers can confidently deal with energy retailers before and after they sign up for a service. This booklet for energy customers and consumer caseworkers provides detailed information on customer rights, hardship and payment difficulties, billing, contracts and marketing.

Power to you - English only

This brochure for household energy customers provides useful information to help control your energy service - such as shopping around, understanding rights and using the Energy Made Easy website to compare offers.

Are you having trouble paying your energy bill? - English only

Energy retailers are required to help customers experiencing payment difficulties or hardship. This factsheet explains your rights when paying your energy bill.

What can I do if I have a complaint about my energy? - English only

If you have a problem with your electricity or gas retailer, this factsheet tells you the steps you can take to resolve it.

Energy efficiency in the home - English only

Using electricity and gas efficiently is not just good for the environment—it can also help you save money. This factsheet provides information on ways you can reduce the amount of energy you use in your home.

Shopping around and changing your electricity or gas offer - English only

Energy retailers compete for your business by offering you different energy contracts with varying prices, discounts and conditions. This factsheet explains how you can shop around to get an energy offer that better suits your needs.

Energy marketing - what are your rights? - English only

Energy retailers must comply with a number of specific rules when they market their offers to you. This factsheet explains these rules and your rights when you get a marketing call or visit.

 About energy bills - English only

Energy bills are made up of a range of costs including wholesale and network charges as well as the costs of providing a retail service. It also includes programs to save energy or support the development of renewable energy. This factsheet shows the components of your energy bill and explains some of the reasons for increases in energy prices in Australia.

Getting the most out of the Energy Made Easy website - English only

This factsheet explains how to get the most out of the Energy Made Easy site. The site has a number of tools that allow consumers to compare electricity and gas offers. You can also compare your energy usage with other households in your area.

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