Switch to something better

Energy is a big cost for many households and businesses and recent price rises have added to these costs.

The good news is there are lower price plans in the market and you can save money by switching, especially if you have been on the same plan for a while.

You may not even need to switch to a different provider – your current provider may be able to offer you something better.

If you decide to switch providers you won’t need to do anything – your new retailer will sort out the transfer details. Your electricity or gas won’t be disconnected.

Here are some tips to help you make the right switch:

Don’t be dazzled by plan discounts

A big discount may not be as great as it sounds. Some big discounts are actually off a high rate, or only apply to part of your bill. The discounts might only apply if you meet certain conditions, such as paying on time, or by direct debit.

Keep an eye on fees 

Common fees are early exit fees (when you leave a contract early), late payment fees, credit card fees, and ‘move-in’ fees when you move to a new premises.

Avoid bill shock

Energy providers can change your electricity prices even when you have committed to a contract. Did you know that electricity prices are increasing from 1 July? Be sure to ask your retailer about how these new prices will affect your bill so you're not in for a surprise.

Price is not the only thing that makes a good plan

Are there flexible payment arrangements? Can you pay monthly? If you like to keep your options open look for offers with low or no exit fees.

About Energy Made Easy

Energy Made Easy is a free online comparison tool operated by the Australian Energy Regulator. It lets households and businesses compare plans from all providers in the area. No personal details are required – just usage information from one or more recent bills. If you are a residential customer and don’t have a bill, just answer a few quick questions.

If you're ready, you can start your search here.  

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Last updated on Friday, May 4, 2018 - 15:03