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Moving house or business

What to do if you're moving soon

If you are moving, your retailer can tell you if you:

  • can stay on your current plan when you move
  • have to cancel your plan and sign up for a new one when you move.

If you can transfer your plan to the new address, tell your retailer so they can arrange meter readings for you at your:

  • old address
  • new address before you move in – this way you will only pay for the energy you use.

If you have to cancel your current plan and start a new plan at the new address, you can use Energy Made Easy to look for plans available at the new location.

If you paid a security deposit to enter the plan, make sure the retailer pays it back if you cancel the plan.


If you are planning to move:

  • Tell your retailer early that you are moving. If you don't tell your retailer you are moving, you might have to pay for electricity and gas that was used at your old address after you left.
  • Tell your retailer your new address so that they can send you your final bill.
  • Write down your meter readings before you move – you can check them against your final bill.
  • Use Energy Made Easy to search for plans at your new address.
  • Write down the meter readings at your new place as soon as you move in – you can then compare them against your first bill.

Moving to a newly built property

Are you moving into a place that has just been built? Gas and electricity might not be available there just yet. You need to contact a gas and/or electricity retailer to arrange a new connection.

It is important to remember:

  • You need to sign up with a retailer first – do it early to save time later.
  • You might need new gas or electricity meters – the retailer will tell you.
  • It can take a few months to get the gas and electricity switched on.

What if I am renting?

If you have a standard residential lease, it's up to you to sign up with a gas and electricity retailer.

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