The plan data in Energy Made Easy is submitted by energy retailers, in accordance with their obligations in the National Energy Retail Law (NERL) and the AER's Retail Pricing Information Guidelines.

Retailer plan data is collected by the AER for the purpose of operating Energy Made Easy, and we make this plan data available to energy consumers seeking to find and compare energy plans using our plan search function.

This data is collected by the AER under information gathering powers in the NERL and as a result, the AER is prevented by law and regulations from releasing or broadly sharing this data.

For this reason, the AER does not provide access to the Energy Made Easy plan data in a machine readable format via an API, or any file based delivery methods.

Generic energy tariff/plan data, like that held in Energy Made Easy, has been recognised as a priority data set for inclusion in the Consumer Data Right (CDR) for the energy sector.

In future, the CDR is likely to provide mechanisms for the Energy Made Easy plan data, or an equivalent, to be shared via APIs.

We encourage anyone seeking access to the Energy Made Easy plan data, to subscribe to the ACCC CDR newsletter to stay informed of ongoing developments in that process.