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Energy Made Easy has changed

16 April 2020

You may have noticed some changes to Energy Made Easy. These improvements are the culmination of our work over 2 years to redevelop the entire website. So what's changed and why?

Finding and comparing energy plans on Energy Made Easy is now even easier. We've improved our free and independent website to continue to help you make informed energy choices.

Why has Energy Made Easy changed?

We received government funding for a major redevelopment project to enhance the Energy Made Easy website over 2 years and by 30 June 2020.

In August 2018 we released a completely redesigned website with a range of improvements, to make the process of finding and comparing energy plans easier.

We have continued to develop further improvements during the redevelopment project and the current version of the website introduces a number of new features that we have been working on.

What are some of the new features?

The new features on the redeveloped website include:

  • 2 new pathways when searching for an energy plan for more personalised results – households and small businesses can now search by asking us to collect their metering data from the Australian Energy Market Operator or by uploading a PDF bill
  • a dynamic language translation feature, so if you need energy information in another language, you can choose to translate the entire website, including the energy plan search function, into 33 languages
  • retailer solar feed-in credits, so if you have solar panels and provide your solar generation data when searching for a plan, you can now see those credits in the estimated plan costs
  • a revised, more helpful search experience, including suburb and postcode look-up
  • enhancements to the website's design, accessibility and general operation.

Videos reflecting the new ways users can search on Energy Made Easy are available on these pages:

How was it decided to include these new features?

Throughout the project, we engaged with a broad range of external stakeholders including consumer, small business and industry representatives, as well as retailers and governments, to design and develop these features.

All members of the public had an opportunity to preview and test a selection of these features when a Beta version of the website was publicly accessible from 2–20 December 2019. We also asked for feedback via a short survey. This feedback was incorporated into the refinement of the new website's features.

We considered data and information acquired from:

  • previous consumer and market research commissioned by the AER
  • real user research and user experience testing activities
  • feedback provided to us by users of Energy Made Easy over time.

And we also made a number of changes in line with the Digital Transformation Agency's Digital Service Standard.

What's next for Energy Made Easy?

We are committed to the ongoing maintenance, review and improvement of Energy Made Easy, and we always welcome feedback from users of our website.

Send us any feedback you may have using our contact form, found on the Contact us page.

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