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GreenPower explained

GreenPower is an easy way to support renewable energy. Here’s how it works.

22 May 2017

Don’t be dazzled by discounts

How to understand the real value of a discount

24 Apr 2017

Energy around the house

Where do you use the most energy?

28 Mar 2017

Take control of your energy bills with a payment plan

A payment plan can be helpful if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills or if you have an energy debt. Starting a payment plan is easy, just ask your retailer.

14 Feb 2017

Avoid bill shock with monthly billing

Nothing can spoil a post-holiday glow like a big summer electricity bill.

19 Jan 2017

Benefit periods and contract terms—how do they work?

When you’re comparing offers, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between an offer with a benefit period, and an offer with a contract term. Here’s how they work.

13 Dec 2016

The heat is on…but you can manage it efficiently

Summer is around the corner and with the higher temperatures can come higher energy bills. There’s no need to go off the boil, here are some tips to help you chill in the heat.

16 Nov 2016

Energy Made Easy has a new energy efficiency quiz

Feel like you're using too much energy?

21 Oct 2016

Energy Made Easy featured on ABC's The Checkout: 'The Consumerette'

One lucky woman. Ten comparison websites. Which one will win her heart?

20 Sep 2016