GreenPower explained

GreenPower is an easy way to support renewable energy. Here’s how it works.

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower involves paying a little extra for quality renewable energy to be put back into the grid. So while you’re not directly using renewable energy, you’re offsetting the electricity you use.

GreenPower is managed by the government and meets the highest environmental standards. Some retailers might offer ‘green options’, but only GreenPower is government accredited.

GreenPower offers on Energy Made Easy

Offers with GreenPower options are identified by the green leaf symbol on the search results page. You can also use the grey ‘Filter search’ button so that only GreenPower offers are shown.

What are my GreenPower options?

Retailers usually offer multiple GreenPower options, so you can buy a little or a lot. Choosing 100% GreenPower means you are offsetting all your electricity usage with renewable energy.

How much does it cost?

That varies depending on what percentage you choose. A switch to 10-25% GreenPower will cost as little as 80c to $1 a week. That’s about one coffee a month.

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