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Australian government - energy made easy: the power to compare

About the Energy Made Easy Beta test website

From June to October 2023, Energy Made Easy launched the revamped Energy Made Easy Beta website.

Many user-friendly features were introduced in the public Beta test environment improving the user experience for easier energy plan comparison.

What are some of the new features?

Improvements to the user journey include:

  • three comparison journey options

1. personalised comparison results using your National Meter Identifier (NMI) found on your bill

2. quick compare 30-second journey requires minimal information and provides results based on industry benchmarks

3. customer manual input using the information on your bill.

  • easy to answer questions about your energy use to help users save time on the website and make better plan comparisons
  • greater emphasis on useability with eligibility criteria, like needing a smart meter and special offers are better highlighted
  • green power and the cost impact of selecting this on bills
  • easy compare with Single Fuel Plans and Bundled Plans side by side for easy comparison
  • handy features like pop-ups and tips on the results screen
  • the results page displays the user's current energy company's lowest offer for easy comparison
  • simplified visual display for improved plan comparison.

You can start using Energy Made Easy Beta by clicking here.

Tip: We encourage using your National Meter Identifier to improve your compare plans experience. An NMI is a unique number for the electricity and gas meter connection at your home. Helpful prompts and information will guide your journey.

Why has the website changed?

A review of the Energy Made Easy website was completed by the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA) in 2021. Following this, BETA provided the Australian Energy Regulator with recommendations to improve the service offering of Energy Made Easy.

We considered data and information acquired from:

  • 15,306 pop-up surveys about data sharing preferences
  • 6,432 survey responses regarding drivers and barriers to switching plans
  • 1,544 survey responses about switching preferences and use of comparison websites.

In addition, we also made a number of updates as part of the Digital Transformation Agency's Digital Service Standard.

What's next for Energy Made Easy?

We are committed to the ongoing maintenance, review and improvement of Energy Made Easy, and we always welcome feedback from users of our website.

Send us any feedback you may have using our contact form, found on the Contact us page.

To learn more about this and future projects, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Last updated on Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 11:07 AM