23 April 2018

Reviewing your energy plan and getting the best plan for your home is one way to save money this winter.

The ANZAC Day rule

Unknown to people who live outside of the Australian Capital Territory, an 'ancient' practice dictates the date on which heaters all across the nation's capital turn on. This tradition, passed from family to family, household to household, takes no cues from nature: temperatures fall, lawns frost and leaves change, but the heaters remain off.

All good Canberrans wait patiently until ANZAC Day to turn on their heaters, lest shame befall their houses by turning them on too soon.

Wherever you live around the country, there is no golden rule for when you should turn your heaters on, but chances are sometime in the coming months you'll be looking to your heaters for comfort. We have some simple tips to help make sure staying warm this winter is calculated in degrees of success, not stress!

Be the energy master

So whether you wait like Canberrans, or just until you feel a chill in the air to turn on your heater, check if you're on the best deal for you by comparing plans on Energy Made Easy. Discounts you once had may have lapsed and sticking with the retailer you've always been with is no guarantee you're on the cheapest plan.

Knowledge is power! Know what to look for

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind when searching for the right plan:

  • Be aware of how energy is charged. There is a daily supply charge, which is a fixed amount that covers the cost of having your electricity connected and a usage rate, which is a charge based on how much you use (and for some plans when you use it).
  • If there's a discount, how does it work? For example, it could be off usage charges only, or it could be off the whole bill. If the discount is conditional, do you think you can satisfy the conditions?
  • If there's a contract term or benefit period, are there any exit fees? What are the odds you'll want to cancel the contract before the end of the term or benefit period?
  • How often do you want to be billed? If you like a plan but you want more or less frequent bills, ask the retailer whether that's possible.

The time is now

Shopping around for the best deal might help you save money once winter really sets in. Take control and find out if you're getting the best deal on your energy prices today.