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Discounts and fees

Many retailers have energy plans with different discounts and fees. You can check out these plans on Energy Made Easy.


Retailers may give you different types of discounts. These can help you to save money on your bill. Here are some discounts to look out for:

  • direct debit discount – when you let the retailer take the money for your bill straight from your credit card or bank account
  • bundling discount – when you get both your gas and electricity from the same retailer
  • paperless billing discount – when you get your bill via email not in the mail
  • pay-on-time discount – when you pay the full amount on time.

Check if the discount is off the total bill amount, or just one part of the bill.

Also, make sure you check the prices. There might be another plan with no discounts but a lower overall tariff rate.


Think carefully about pay-on-time discounts. Do you think you will always be able to pay before the due date? If you think there might be times when you can't pay on time, go for a plan that has a lower overall tariff rate.

Plans with a benefit period

With some plans, you might have a plan that has a certain 'benefit' attached to it for a period of time (this is usually called 'benefit period'). Usually this is a price discount, but it can also be items like movie tickets or magazines. After the period ends, you will either pay full price again or not receive your movie tickets or magazines.

For example, you might sign up to a plan with a 12-month benefit period. The benefit is a 10 per cent discount. After 12 months, you stay on the same plan but don't get the 10 per cent discount any more.

Retailers must tell you that your benefit period is ending at least 20 business days before it happens, and not earlier than 40 days.


You may have to pay the retailer different types of fees.

Here are some fees to check your plan for:

  • account establishment fee – when you enter into a new plan
  • late payment fee – when you do not pay your bill on time
  • disconnection fee – when your energy gets cut because you did not pay your bill
  • reconnection fee – when you want to get your energy turned back on again after it was cut
  • exit fee – when you want to get out of a plan early. This might also be called an 'early termination' or 'cancellation' fee.


To find plans without exit fees:

  • search for plans on Energy Made Easy
  • click on the blue 'Refine by: discounts, fees, payments & more' box on the plan results page, then select the box 'No exit fees' under the 'Fees' section.

If you move house, some retailers will let you stay on the same plan and transfer it to your new address.

If you are looking for energy plans and think you might move during the contract period of your plan, ask retailers about this – see our Moving house or business page for more information. Remember to check if the retailer will reconnect you for free.

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