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Be in the know – 1 July energy price rises, you and your bill

It’s that time of year again when energy retailers make changes to their prices – so you may see an increase to your energy prices.

2 Jul 2018

Understanding demand charges

Some energy companies have introduced plans with new types of charges, called demand charges.

4 Jun 2018

Your energy bill and the ANZAC Day rule

Reviewing your energy plan and getting the best offer for your home is one way to save money this winter.

23 Apr 2018

Keep energy bill savvy over the silly season

Tis the season to be jolly…about many things but not all of the extra expenses that come with it. After all, it’s not called the silly season for no reason! We’ve prepared some handy tips to make sure your energy bill doesn’t spill over this Christmas.

19 Dec 2017